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Congratulations! You've followed your good instincts by considering a new way of thinking about doing the right thing and sharing your success with others much less fortunate than you. By virtue of the fact that you're reading this message, you belong to the 20% of the world's population who are so privileged to read, write and be connected to the internet. Such a large part of the world's population is in extreme poverty yet surprisingly few of us are sensitive to this desperation since we are normally far from it.


ShareKindness Works

You are invited to join people all over the planet who are searching for a way to share their success with those much less fortunate. By sharing time, energy and economic resources with your fellow person, you make a special connection with a world that is waiting for you to put a smile on their face. The colleagues who are members of ShareKindness believe in the greater good and they not only talk about it, they act upon their good instincts and realize that sharing with others is a gift for all.


News and Events

ShareKindness reaches out to Mexico via FAI Sonora Sharekindness has engaged FAI ...


FAI Sponsor Tour
Fundación de Apoyo Infantíl (FAI) welcomes members to participate in the Sponsor Tour of their facilities and of their projects where children most in need.



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